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Artist Bio

    Corrina Leidy is an abstract realist painter who lives and works in Sorrento, Florida. Originally from upstate New York,  her parents encouraged her artistic skill at a young age. 

   She studied painting at the Kansas City Art Institute where she met her husband David, a sculptor from Pennsylvania. For their first 17 years of marriage they created art together, starting with a line of unique furniture for cats and then moving on to fused glass wall vessels.

   Corrina always desired to return to her love of painting. Once their sons grew old enough, she dove right into exploring and trying to find herself again as a painter. After a few years of experimentation, her distinctive personal style began to be revealed.

    She uses the natural beauty of pour painting to give energy and life to her figurative and nature inspired work. As the artist explains, “It is exciting to see how each person, animal or object has interesting surprises created by the lines, splashes and dots full of color that were once only naturally flowing paint.”

    Corrina’s artwork has been shown in exhibits throughout Florida and the Northeast. She has won awards throughout the years and is featured in Studio Visit Magazine.

Graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute.

Resides in Sorrento, FL

With her husband David, Corrina also creates unique fused glass wall vases. Check them out at

Artist Statement:


               Art is an essential part of my being, a necessity I cannot ignore. It serves as a profound meditation and therapeutic sanctuary, allowing me to find solace and perhaps even assert some control. My artistic journey mirrors the intricate tapestry of life itself, unpredictable and sometimes commencing with an unyielding chaos. Guided by a diverse array of materials including oil-based metallics, alcohol inks, acrylics, resin, and an assortment of objects, I embark on a layered process. Within these layers, I introduce diverse paints, inks, glitter, objects, whatever I can get my hands on, even nail polish, fostering an environment where colors and materials mingle and merge freely. From this point, I delve into shaping and directing the ensuing chaos, carefully weaving fragments of disorder into an abstract design that resonates with my vision. As the negative space comes to life under my brush, I adopt the role of a sculptor, carving out narratives teeming with subject such as animals, trees, buildings, and people. This transformative stage extends beyond the mere organization of chaos, as I mold the abstract into recognizable subjects, each brimming with intriguing surprises borne from the once untamed lines, splashes, dots, an array of shapes and colors. Ultimately, my aspiration is for viewers to experience the profound joy and contentment that my art evokes in me.



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